In the world of fashion, the simple act of wearing a garment can be a fascinating experience, where a story is told and you travel through time.

It is with boundless passion and determination that I am proud to present my first collection, the fruit of my love for the art of clothing and my insatiable desire to create something exceptional.
When I set out to bring this collection to life, I was driven by a clear vision: to design garments that capture the essence of my distinctive style and embody the perfect harmony between tradition and innovation. Each piece was meticulously thought out and designed with the intention of dressing myself, because I firmly believe that an authentic creation must first and foremost enhance the wearer.
Diving into the fashion archives has been an essential source of inspiration for me. The elegant cuts and refined details of the German Romantic period captured my imagination. Each seam, each finish, tells a story of passion and dedication to art and fashion.
As a fashion designer, my mission is to design unique pieces that not only enhance a person’s appearance, but also reflect their personality.
That’s when I found my inspiration in a fascinating German term: ‘Sehnsucht’. This concept can be described as a feeling of longing for something unattainable, a deep desire for the unachievable. It’s a universal emotion, one that we all feel at some point in our lives, and I wanted to translate it through my creations.
The collection includes a wide range of pieces, from dresses to coats, each embodying timelessness and modernity. I’m excited to share this collection with the world, convinced that it will resonate with people in the same way that ‘Sehnsucht’ resonated with me. Symbolically, the quest for this elusive beauty came to an end on 1 March 2024, when I launched my autumn/winter 2024/2025 collection.