Marco Sgarra.

In the heart of creativity, in the enchanting setting of the picturesque shores of Lake Maggiore, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, because my passion knows no bounds. With Italian origins deeply rooted in the soil of tradition, but a heart that beats for the elegance of French heritage, I am a fusion of cultures, weaving threads of diversity into the tapestry of my creations.

From the moment I held a needle in my hand, I knew that my destiny was to sculpt beauty, to create dreams that dance on the canvas of life. With each creation, I want to evoke emotion, ignite the spark of confidence, and wrap souls in a cloak of grace.

For I am not only a designer but also a weaver of dreams, a storyteller, a guardian of beauty. And as long as there are hearts that want to feel beautiful and confident, I will continue to weave my magic, one masterpiece at a time.


Commitment to the environment and human well-being

My fashion brand is fully committed to respecting the environment, people, and all forms of life. My fabrics are carefully selected, mainly in Italy or France, giving priority to quality materials while guaranteeing compliance with the strictest environmental and social standards. Each piece is made with sustainability and respect in mind, using polyester only when necessary for the structure of the garment, minimizing my ecological footprint while ensuring comfort and quality for you.

A reasoned and sustainable approach to production

My approach to production is both reasoned and sustainable. I only produce to order, avoiding overstocking and wasting materials. A lead time of a few weeks is allowed between order and delivery, allowing for meticulous manufacturing and efficient management of resources.

Prices justified by my commitment

The prices of my products reflect our commitment to quality, sustainability and ethics. I choose the finest, highest-quality materials available on the market, while favouring timeless designs that defy ephemeral fashion trends. Each piece is made with attention to detail and craftsmanship, in Italy or France, by skilled artisans. These justified prices guarantee you the satisfaction of owning fashion pieces that will last over time.

Absolute transparency

I firmly believe in total transparency towards you. Each product in my collections is accompanied by a detailed sheet providing information on its provenance, fabric composition, and place of manufacture. This total transparency guarantees your confidence in my products and in my commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.